Specialized Cable Design

It’s our ability to provide end-to-end services to ensure you get the connectivity solution your project requires that makes us unique.

We help our clients visualize their ideas

Bring us your designs. Bring us your ideas. Or simply bring us your needs and we’ll help you navigate the entire process. Our professional specialized cable designers will develop an entire interconnect system for you, or just provide specs and recommendation on a single cable or assembly.

Whether you need a prototype built to spec, pre-production samples or full-length runs, our engineering and design team will work with you on finding the most cost-effective high-performance solution.

End-to-end design services

Work with AWD, CAD, PDF or other file formats

Completely integrated systems or individual cables

Prototypes, preproduction samples and full-length production runs

We help client design their cabling systems

A full understanding of the nature of the intended use and the required specifications are not only a matter of performance but are critical in the design process. We discuss these factors with you in detail and design to meet your needs.

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