Medical Industry

From a variety of standard medical cabling options, to customized and never-before manufactured solutions, Cat Cable encompasses the whole gamut of options available to medical device manufacturers and medical/dental facilities.

Custom Cabling for Medical Applications

Cat Cable understands the unique environmental challenges of the healthcare industry, having partnered for many years on hospital infrastructure, device interconnect, data collection and communications projects for both new construction and refurbish installations. Typically these cables will carry UL Riser or Plenum ratings and have a white flame retardant jacket.

For medical equipment manufacturer Steris, our engineers developed a unique hybrid cable with fiber optic and electrical connectors. The advanced cable also featured a Cat Cable design proprietary Kevlar strength member and accompanying connector engineered with a specific fail point to protect both the cable and Steris equipment from accidental damage.

Dental Technology Cables

Surgical Lighting Cables

Laboratory Equipment Cables

Endoscopy Cables

Electro Mobility Cables

Imaging Systems Cables

Electro-surgical Systems Cables

Electro-therapy Devices Cables

Monitoring and Information Systems Cables

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