Custom Cables For High Tech Industries

Interconnect solutions for the Medical, Transportation, OEM/Industrial and communications industries.

Specialized Cable Solutions

From a few feet to thousuands of feet runs, our specialized cabling products are extremely robust and precise and adhere to national and international standards of quality and reliability.

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Specialized Cable Design

We’re committed to your success from the very begining. Whether you send us your AWD, CAD or PDF files with exact design specifications, or you need us to consult with your engineering team and have us design the cables or entire system, we’re there every step of the way.

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Cable Manufacturing

We can build any type of data, video, audio, power or a combination of all or some of these, to your specifications based on your or our proposed design.

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Distribution and Scalability

We’re setup to handle virtually any production volume and delivery timeline. Our relationship with our raw material suppliers allows us to ramp up or scale down production as needed. Our factory run 24 hours a day when extended production amounts are commissioned and/or deadlines are tight.

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Certifications and Memberships

We’re members, have accreditations and established relationships with a number of technical organizations and agencies. 

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Specialized Cable Design

Our greatest asset is our team’s experience and expertise. We’ve been designing and manufacturing cabling systems for a variety of industries, at every level of precision, for over 30 years.

See how we can help your project get started with expert cable design services.

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Cable Manufacturing

We manufacture specialized cable from prototype to production quantities and offer among the shortest lead times in the industry.

Scalability and Distribution

One key attribute that makes us different from most other cable manufacturers is our ability to quickly scale production up and down depending on the changing needs of our customers. Our minimum runs are among the lowest in the industry, as little as 200 ft in certain product types. Depending on construction and materials, we can often produce your prototype within 2 weeks or less.

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