Cables are used in virtually every single industrial and commercial activity today. We pride ourselves in contributing to the advancement of a handful of important industries where over the years we’ve developed our skills.

Industries We Serve

Although we’ve designed and manufactured cabling solutions for a host of industries over the years, our main focus has been on the Communications, Medical, EOM/Industrial and Transportation industries.

Cat Cable cabling solutions for the communications industry


We design and manufacture the cables that power the wireless infrastructure of today and tomorrow. By providing a reliable backbone to wireless networks, Cat Cable 50 and 75 ohm cables, connectors, and interface panels consistently outperform our competition under extreme conditions.


Cat Cable cabling solutions for the medical industry


We understand the unique environmental challenges of the healthcare industry, having partnered for many years on hospital infrastructure, device interconnect, data collection and communications projects for both new construction and refurbish installations.


Cat Cable cabling solutions for the industrial oem industry


Cat Cable manufactures copper, fiber and hybrid electronic cables designed to withstand the rigors of industrial applications. Our custom composite cables combine coaxial, fiber and power components into a single rugged, user-friendly multi-functional product ideal for use in tight workspaces. Our cables are rated for extra heavy use in harsh environments and offer superior resistance to abrasion and are suitable for long term submersion.


Cat Cable cabling solutions for the transportation industry


Our wide array of fiber, copper and enables us to provide a single source solution to the unique challenges faced by the transportation industry. Helping such companies connect their communications and logistics operations with reliable, cost-effective infrastructure components increases both safety and efficiency. Our transportation industry cables include airport lighting, IMSA signal cable, and many others.


Cat Cable cabling solutions for the education industry


Cat’s cabling solutions make it easy to navigate even the most complex safety and regulatory environments. With cables designed for fire resistance and code compliance as well as performance and reliability, Cat cables are in educational institutions throughout the U.S.


Military and aerospace microwave rf cabling

Military/Aerospace (Microwave and RF)

Having worked with all branches of the U.S. military, Cat Cable develops and delivers mission-critical, harsh environment cabling solutions specific to the needs of the armed forces. Cat Cable’s exacting design and precision manufacturing enables both government and contract engineers to deliver their best.


We manufacture cable for a variety of industries

From industrial, to transportation to the highlys-ecialized healthcare technology industries, we’ve been providing custumized connectivity solutions to a great number of professional industries in the North America and other places around the world. 

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