Distribution and Scalability

When deciding who to entrust your project’s cabling requirements, the ability to manufacture is not enough. Can your cabling provider scale up to your needs?

Volume, integration needs and delivery lead times

Often overlooked, the ability to ramp up production to meet delivery times, volume and close collaboration with integrators is crucial to the success of your project.

We at Cat Cable have been involved on many high-profile projects that required the cable manufacturer to ramp up production 10-fold on a moment’s notice.

We’ve all been there. A project or a part of a project gets approved right before the drop-dead date. Whether you are a project engineer or technical manager, you want to stay on budget and deliver on time.

Manufacturing to spec is only one third of the equation. Your cable provider must have the infrastructure to scale up or down on a moment’s notice.

Production volumes big and small

Timely delivery of large orders

Adaptability to last-minute changes in production requirements

Close relationship with integrators in various industries

Experience with large projects grants us the ability to scale up or down

We’ve often been referred to as a boutique manufacturer for our ability to accomodate small orders with no minimums. We take pride in this fact. We are equally proud of our ability to scale up and work on large projects where hundrerds of thousands of feet of cable and assemblies are needed and where delivery times are adjusted as needed without compromising quality control and support.

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