We are a leading manufacturer of hybrid cables, we can produce one with a CAT element at your request, meeting all your technical specifications and exceding testing requirements.

Custom Cabling for OEM/Industrial Applications

We’ve been designing and producing high performance cabling systems for a variety of industries for over 30 years. We manufacture specialized cable in any length from prototype to production quantities and offer lead times and pricing to meet your requirements. With our design, manufacturing, and assembly operations all under one roof, we are able to fully control and manage your project from inception to delivery. All of our Products are manufactured in the US and tested per UL, CSA and other stringent industry requirements.

We offer power, control and instrumentation cable products for industrial facilities. Our UL certified cables for industrial instrumentation, power and control cover the widest range of requirements from our customers.

We are a leading manufacturer of custom and standard hybrid fiber/copper cables and assemblies for OEM and Industrial use. Our rugged polyurethane jacketed cables and 600V SJEOOW oil resistant cables are ideal for a wide range of outdoor equipment and other harsh environment applications.

Portable and Fixed Power Cables

Instrumentation Cables

Automation Cables

Ethernet Cables for Marine Use

Control and Power Cables

Tactical Cables

Mining Cables

Ethernet Cables for Rail Use

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