Our range of solution encompass all aspects of speciality cable procurement. We help our clidents design their cabling infraestructure and deliver the final product in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Specialized Cable Manufacturing Solutions

With our design, manufacturing, and assembly operations all under one roof, we are able to fully control and manage your project from inception to delivery.

Specialized Cable Design

Our greatest asset is our team’s experience and expertise. We’ve been designing and devicing cabling systems for a variety of industries, at every level of precision, for over 30 years. 

See how we can help your project get started with expert cable design services.

Cat Cable cable design
Cat Cable manufacturing

Cable Manufacturing

We manufacture specialized cable in amost any amount and length, with exceptionlly favorable lead times and pricing.

Scalability and Distribution

One very important attibute that differentiates Cat Cable from others is our ability to scale production up and down as needs with little or no effect on pricing per unit or delivery times. We generally don’t require minimums and our production workflw is set up to ramp up or scale down as needed to ensure timely delivery of high-quality cables.

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Professional Design Services

Cat Cable has been an intrsumental player in the development of more reliable, secure and easy-to-use cabling solutions for highly technical industries, providing the dependability and accuracy needed. 

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We Create Fully Integrated Specialized Cabling Systems

We manufacture specialized cable in any length from prototype to production quantities and offer lead times and pricing to meet your requirements.

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Three Spheres. One Mission.

Our greatest asset is our team’s experience and expertise. We’ve been designing and producing high performance cabling systems for a variety of industries for over 30 years.

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